New Tenant Finish

Last week our crews started on our new 8,600 SF tenant finish project in Independence, MO.
This tenant finish project includes: a new parking lot, new landscaping, new exterior façade that is a combination of wood cladding, stacked stone and stucco, new interior construction with glass partitions, new electrical infrastructure, new HVAC and new plumbing.
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Almost done!

Our Techs here at CRG are still working hard at completing unit 150 off Manchester trafficway in Kansas City! From demolition and clean up to new paint, siding, concrete repairs and a new roof, its looking like a new beginning for this old antique building! Project manager, Ryan Lengyel has an eye for potential! he sees “the diamond underneath” and stays focused as his vision comes to life! However we still have a little ways to go! Stay tuned to see how bright this “diamond” will shine once completed!



No job too big

From interior painting and handrail fabrications and installment, to roof work and demo, GRG is consistently staying busy. Our Latest project, is unit 400, off Manchester Trafficway in Kansas City, MO. The current phase, demolition! Using a case loader, skid steer, and an excavator, this old abandoned building will soon be nothing but a pile of rubble. Here is the kicker, our guys accepted the challenge to have it demolished, in the safest way, in 30 days! Its safe to say they aren’t wasting any time! Check out some of the pictures sent in by Project Manager Ryan Lengyel, who is monitoring every move to make sure this is done in the most safe and successful way possible.

“We simply do things the right way. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts – that just isn’t the CRG way” — Ryan Lengyel

This team of like-minded individuals strive to produce quality workmanship with integrity and diligence. They refuse to believe any job is too big or too small; and it shows!

Stay tuned for more updates on the demolition of unit 400!

Is your HVAC system causing more harm than good?

If the temperature outside where you live, is anything like its been this summer here in Kansas City, MO., then I think it’s safe to say you appreciate every minute in the A/C! I know I do, Especially when the Humidity readings are in the mid 100’s!

That having been said, have you inspected the condition of your current HVAC system lately? A few questions to ask yourself,

Have you noticed your energy bills climbing over time?

Is your air conditioner, boiler or furnace constantly running?

Is your HVAC system over 10 years old and doesn’t seem to keep you cool like it used to?

There is GOOD news! You may not have to replace your whole HVAC system; Making sure your place of residence or business is properly insulated and all air leaks are sealed will help you A//C run more efficient.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to look for, I would recommend calling in a professional to do a walk through, a poorly functioning HVAC unit can cost you more than money, it can cost you, your life!

Did you know, an improperly sized or improperly installed HVAC system could leak carbon monoxide into the air?! It also promotes mold growth which leads to chronic illness, and could even start fires!

A walk through with your HVAC specialist of choice could mean as little as a clipboard and checklist, or a more in depth audit with a blower door test. This test pressurizes the house/building so energy leaks can be detected. In some areas, Electric utilities subsidize the cost of energy efficiency assessments.

Take a gander, Does your tech have a “NATE’ patch? (North American Technician Excellence) find out the benefits at

Your HVAC tech will also do a load calculation. Many variables are included into this calculation, not just the size of your home or business. The size of your system will be determined after calculating local weather, ventilation needs, and insulation levels, to name a few.

If your HVAC professional cannot do a proper load calculation or does not adhere to the quality insulation specifications, I urge you to seek a professional who will! Your health, your safety, AND your bank account may depend on it!

Here’s a Fun fact! In some states, rebates and discounts are available for having insulation installed or other work done to make your home more efficient. That’s awesome!

To see if you qualify, you can go online to:

You’re welcome =)

Remember CRG is a true one-stop-shop for all your general contracting and Maintenance needs! Yes, that includes replacing and repairing HVAC systems. Give us a call, let us know how we can help!




Is it time to replace your roof?



Here are 7 signs that your commercial roof needs repaired or even replaced!

Moisture issues– If you roof isn’t 100% watertight, moisture can enter in and cause many more issues for the over all environmental control system of your building; A good way to know if you are facing moisture complications is to check for the following:

1. Your building is overly humid

2. Water stains on the ceiling

3. Insect and rodent troubles

Those examples are good indications water is coming through the roof, soaking into your insulation and flowing down inside your walls.

Sagging– If you spot sagging, this means your problem lies beneath the surface of your roof. This could mean your roof deck joist have broken, it could also mean poor standing insulation.

Open Seams- Seek commercial roof repair when the mechanical fastenings are no longer holding seams sealed or the previous chemicals used fail to keep the water out.

Higher Energy Bills-If you have noticed your electric bill getting higher, this is also a good indication you need your roof replaced. To break it down, The reflectivity of your roof is gone, causing your cooling system to kick into high gear to maintain the temperature inside. If you find yourself having this issue, get in touch with a professional right away. There’s nothing worse than watching your hard accumulated income go right down the drain!

Notice any bubbles? If you are ON the roof, investigating its current condition and notice any bubbles, this is a definite sign you need your roof replaced. Most bubbles come from moisture building up under the top layer of any built-in roofing and chemically adhered single ply roofing. The more bubbles you see, the faster you need to get it replaced.

insubstantial Flashing – To inspect this possible issue, you must be on the roof. If you find the metal is missing or out of place, it needs replaced right away. Places to check for damaged flashing is at the roof piercings, around the parapet and any place the roof level changes.

Clogged Drains– While checking scuppers, and interior drains (these allow water to begin ponding) If you see areas that contain more standing water than other areas, this is a very good sign that there is a clogged drain or downspout close.

CRG is knowledgeable and available 24/7. If you find yourself in a situation, fitting into any of the above classifications, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for both replacement and repairs.

CRG 24/7 On-call emergency maintenance services  913-325-3351







At it again!

CRG’s new flooring division is nothing shy of substantial!

Our Techs work hard to provide exceptional results no matter the task, and its safe to say they did just that while installing new LVP, VCT, and carpet at Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Co. in Kansas City, MO.

“Check out that pattern matching on the carpet! looks great!” – Ashley Garrison

If you are thinking of remodeling and flooring is up for discussion, check out our flooring gallery! From carpet to tile, hardwood and laminate, CRG has you covered!

Call us today to schedule a Bid on your new project!





A new look…

Interior Progress 4 (002)The old wire rope building off of Manchester Trafficway, in Kansas City, MO. has seen better days. CRG has been working hard to bring some life, so to speak, back into it. After weeks of demolition, clean up, painting, and the application of insulation and siding, This creepy old building is starting to look bright and inviting. There is more to be done until it’s ready to be occupied by new tenants, but after seeing the progress from beginning until now, I just had to share!


Spring is in the air..

The weather is becoming more consistent as we approach spring and all its beauty. Warmer temperatures, trees and flowers are blooming everywhere, birds are chirping, Grass is Growing. Have you thought ahead when it comes to your lawn care management? CRG can help! We maintain many properties all around the Kansas City Area and are committed, Forthright, in delivering an outcome you can be proud of. It doesn’t matter the size of your lawn, we have you covered.

For bids & pricing, give us a call!  816-931-4503


Atlantic’s New Parking Lot and Drive-In Door

We just completed rehabbing 400 Atlantic’s employee parking lot, as well as, their truck court and warehouse employee parking lot. Instead of removing and replacing all the old asphalt, we kept the owner’s costs to a minimum by just replacing what was needed and performing crack seal and seal coating to restore the lots look. Then we topped it off with a fresh stripe job to make the lot really pop. The owner of the building is extremely pleased with the end result!!

We also installed a brand new 12’x12′ overhead door, along with a 30′ wide by 60′ long drive-in ramp on the far Northeast side of the building allowing forklift, box-truck, van, etc. access into the building.

400 Atlantic Tenant Finish

On Monday, CRG started on a new tenant finish project, partnering up with LS Commercial again, on a 112,000 square foot industrial building in downtown Kansas City. A few of the things CRG will be doing is:

  • concrete foundation work
  • overhead door repairs
  • existing office demo
  • new office construction
  • interior/exterior painting
  • parking lot repairs

Check back in for updates on this project.

Manchester Business Center – KC, MO

We just started our biggest project to date, partnering up with LS Commercial Real Estate on their redevelopment project for Manchester Business Center. Thus far, we have demolished 3 buildings and are preparing to start some interior renovations.

This will be an ongoing project as we look to renovate the entire complex, making it a crown jewel in that area.

Stay tuned for updates!

Party City – Independence, MO

We were fortunate enough to install 16,000 square feet of custom ordered VCT tile, specifically designed for Party City. It may look plain ol’ white in the picture, but this stuff was colorful!! With a 2-man crew, we knocked this one out of the park and we are very pleased with how everything turned out. We are looking forward to the next one!