Is your HVAC system causing more harm than good?

If the temperature outside where you live, is anything like its been this summer here in Kansas City, MO., then I think it’s safe to say you appreciate every minute in the A/C! I know I do, Especially when the Humidity readings are in the mid 100’s!

That having been said, have you inspected the condition of your current HVAC system lately? A few questions to ask yourself,

Have you noticed your energy bills climbing over time?

Is your air conditioner, boiler or furnace constantly running?

Is your HVAC system over 10 years old and doesn’t seem to keep you cool like it used to?

There is GOOD news! You may not have to replace your whole HVAC system; Making sure your place of residence or business is properly insulated and all air leaks are sealed will help you A//C run more efficient.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to look for, I would recommend calling in a professional to do a walk through, a poorly functioning HVAC unit can cost you more than money, it can cost you, your life!

Did you know, an improperly sized or improperly installed HVAC system could leak carbon monoxide into the air?! It also promotes mold growth which leads to chronic illness, and could even start fires!

A walk through with your HVAC specialist of choice could mean as little as a clipboard and checklist, or a more in depth audit with a blower door test. This test pressurizes the house/building so energy leaks can be detected. In some areas, Electric utilities subsidize the cost of energy efficiency assessments.

Take a gander, Does your tech have a “NATE’ patch? (North American Technician Excellence) find out the benefits at

Your HVAC tech will also do a load calculation. Many variables are included into this calculation, not just the size of your home or business. The size of your system will be determined after calculating local weather, ventilation needs, and insulation levels, to name a few.

If your HVAC professional cannot do a proper load calculation or does not adhere to the quality insulation specifications, I urge you to seek a professional who will! Your health, your safety, AND your bank account may depend on it!

Here’s a Fun fact! In some states, rebates and discounts are available for having insulation installed or other work done to make your home more efficient. That’s awesome!

To see if you qualify, you can go online to:

You’re welcome =)

Remember CRG is a true one-stop-shop for all your general contracting and Maintenance needs! Yes, that includes replacing and repairing HVAC systems. Give us a call, let us know how we can help!




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