Is it time to replace your roof?



Here are 7 signs that your commercial roof needs repaired or even replaced!

Moisture issues– If you roof isn’t 100% watertight, moisture can enter in and cause many more issues for the over all environmental control system of your building; A good way to know if you are facing moisture complications is to check for the following:

1. Your building is overly humid

2. Water stains on the ceiling

3. Insect and rodent troubles

Those examples are good indications water is coming through the roof, soaking into your insulation and flowing down inside your walls.

Sagging– If you spot sagging, this means your problem lies beneath the surface of your roof. This could mean your roof deck joist have broken, it could also mean poor standing insulation.

Open Seams- Seek commercial roof repair when the mechanical fastenings are no longer holding seams sealed or the previous chemicals used fail to keep the water out.

Higher Energy Bills-If you have noticed your electric bill getting higher, this is also a good indication you need your roof replaced. To break it down, The reflectivity of your roof is gone, causing your cooling system to kick into high gear to maintain the temperature inside. If you find yourself having this issue, get in touch with a professional right away. There’s nothing worse than watching your hard accumulated income go right down the drain!

Notice any bubbles? If you are ON the roof, investigating its current condition and notice any bubbles, this is a definite sign you need your roof replaced. Most bubbles come from moisture building up under the top layer of any built-in roofing and chemically adhered single ply roofing. The more bubbles you see, the faster you need to get it replaced.

insubstantial Flashing – To inspect this possible issue, you must be on the roof. If you find the metal is missing or out of place, it needs replaced right away. Places to check for damaged flashing is at the roof piercings, around the parapet and any place the roof level changes.

Clogged Drains– While checking scuppers, and interior drains (these allow water to begin ponding) If you see areas that contain more standing water than other areas, this is a very good sign that there is a clogged drain or downspout close.

CRG is knowledgeable and available 24/7. If you find yourself in a situation, fitting into any of the above classifications, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for both replacement and repairs.

CRG 24/7 On-call emergency maintenance services  913-325-3351







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